I am taking deposits for June 2021.

I will only have one litter about June 2021, average litters are seven pups, I will only take five

names for a pup so I will be most likely to place a pup with you if you are on my list.  My list

for 2021 already has three names on it.  Looking for two great people who want a great pup.

I look at placing a pup more like an adoption agreement rather than a buy/sell agreement.  So tell me a

bit about yourself in a first contact.  We would then have a series of phone calls and then my puppy application.

Initial inquires like "price, availability?" will be ignored as this

shows you have not yet done your research on quality bred dogs.

 My pups are usually spoken for by the time of birth. 

As a responsible breeder I only breed once I have a waiting list.

Sometimes I have an unspoken for pup which goes to the next name on my list.

So I and all quality breeders almost never have "available" puppies.

Contact me to get on my wait list.  

Questions about price will be answered at the end of a phone interview.