I have given a long answer in my Home and About pages about my prices and shipping, here are the short answers:

What You Get From Me:

I provide you with a pup from parents with all seven health clearances recommended for Boykins, that hunt, obey and would be great at any performance event like Agility, Obedience, S&R or Dock Diving and are well mannered around people and other dogs.  Each pup gets two Veterinarian exams, first puppy vaccinations and a microchip at my expense.   All pups are raised in my bedroom with myself in attendance at all times, I train and   occasionally breed my dogs, full time.  (I still prepare tax returns and do accounting work as an Illinois Licensed C.P.A., from home. I also use all of the attention to detail and quality that being a Marine Corps Platoon Sergeant taught me.)

I provide lifetime training for you and your pup/dog at my place, by email, PM or phone for free.  Other Breeders offer this as a paid service or do not have the knowledge to offer such a service.  I also open you to my private library of about 70 videos, that are not available anywhere else and only available once you become a puppy buyer.   I offer this as a total package when you buy a pup from me.  I was once asked why I give all this away for free, the answer is "I want you to be very successful with your pup from me."  If you consider other breeders ask if both parents have all seven health clearances, then ask if they have tested both parents for hips, eyes, knees, heart, EIC, DM and CEA, do not accept a vague answer like "parents have been tested".

My prices vary depending on which Dam and which stud I am breeding.  Prices are average for quality Boykins.   I need to know more information from you before I can decide which pup will best fit into your home, then I can tell you an exact price.  Please contact me and tell me about yourself and what you will do with your pup/dog, than we can talk about price.