SHR John's Franklin (Frankie)"

I was told, "Johns Boykins" are intentionally bred with the hunting instinct so ingrained in them, that even a novice (like myself, somebody who's never hunted, never held a shotgun, never seen a feathered dead duck), could title one. 
A title happened even before Frankie's 7 month birthday.
John, owner of "John's Boykins" gave hours and hours of time, supplying every answer I needed to train Frankie. John shared with me nuances about dogs that I never knew existed, (he did this all for free, because I had one of his pups!)
This title has been about an adventure with Frankie, the friendships made, and reaching for the stars!
Thank you John, from Frankie and me.

              Bette T, Washington State

Butch is my favorite all around dog I've had.  Plus the fact that he is so beautiful and well mannered makes traveling with him a joy.  He's with me like Leda is with you - staying nearby  or checking in regularly.  When I move from room to room in the house he goes with me.

Nancy Boykin about Butch that I bred

Jenny is settling into her new home.  On her own and without encouragement she goes to her crate when she wants a timeout, even finding it from another room in the house.  She’s sleeping there now after a play session.  She’s shown no resistance to being in her crate. Goes right in and is a happy girl. 
We’ve already had 3 rounds of fetch with the paint roller dummy and each time she returned to me,  Remarkable! 
She’s already been socialized this afternoon around the neighbor’s children and did well. 
Potty training is going fantastic, She’s already honed in on a spot. 

After our experience with you yesterday I’m not surprised and am very grateful for the passion you have and the work you’ve put into getting puppies ready for their new homes. I am beyond impressed and really look forward to coming up for some training later this spring.

Craig L.,  Tennessee

Hey! An update on Bolt, I love that dog. He has such a cool personality and is always wanting to please all the time. He is starting to hold his retrieving toys until I take them from him and I have never seen a dog that wasn't a lab love the water so much. I think he is the perfect dog for our family.

                     Travis C, Utah

I am Not saying you cant get another Boykin from another breeder, but John W Eichelberg of John's Boykin Spaniels produces some of the greatest hunting Boykins around. I highly recommend John to breed and give you what you want. My Tuck is a top of the line Boykin...Call john he get you a fine hunting dog!!!

Scotty B in AL