10)  I hear Boykins are so high energy, are yours?   "I use energy to train a dog, a dog that wants to lay in your lap is not in a frame of mind to be trained. (If that makes sense)"

11)  Any aggression in your dogs or reported in their pups?  I seemed to think this was an issue with Boykins, Nope, not a bit and not in general with Boykins, Boykins are like Golden Retrievers, a kind gentle personality, that is why I chose them.  If I had an aggression issue I would never breed the dog."

12)  What about the weight and height of the mother and father dog because some breeders are trying to breed a bigger Boykin than the breed standard?, "Great Question!, I do not breed for size or length of legs, I have some that are small or medium, both Mothers and Fathers are about 29 pounds, mid range for females is 25-35 pounds, males are 30-40 pounds,  I have had 30ish pound parents that whelped 40 pound males but females have always been in the 30 pound range."

13)  I heard Boykins do not do well in the cold, is that true?  "No, not at all, they do great in the cold and cold water, they have an under and overcoat that seals out the water like in a Penguin.

Here are some videos of Boykins in the cold:   

Of course follow the rule that if it is too cold for you it is too cold for the dog and do not bathe out the essential oils in their fur that waterproofs them." 


I have given my answers to these questions, In "quote marks", there are generic questions you can find on the web, these are questions to ask of a quality breeder.

1.  Do your Parents have all the recommended health clearances for this breed?  Yes, my Parents have all seven recommended clearances for Boykins.

2.  Is there anything about your dogs that is not listed on your website?  "This is a great question, yes, I go far beyond the seven health clearances for Boykins, I will not breed any dog with hair or skin problems, allergies or any other issues.  My dogs are the actual that you see in pictures and videos, happy, healthy and willing to please".

3.  Are the parents at your home?  "Yes, and Aunts, Uncles, Brothers and Sisters".

4.  Do you breed to make money? (NOTE - This is a very open ended question, and no breeder will answer yes, but ask and  see what they say) "I do this because I love what I am doing, training and breeding the highest quality Boykins I can.  The Training AND breeding go hand in hand because I am constantly forming my next Mothers and Fathers.  I health test them, train them and then breed them to get my next round of Mothers and Fathers.  I need one new pup each year to maintain five breeding Mothers so I have about two litters per year where I take pick of the litter for myself to become my next Parent.  I have always planned to train and sell the second best at about nine months old except I have always fell in love with them and kept them all.  When you get my second or third pick of the litter, you are still getting a great pup, I am breeding for the next Grand Champion".

5.  Do you provide a health guarantee and is it in writing?  "Yes, you have travel time to your home plus time to get your new pup to YOUR Veterinarian for a health exam.  I have a written agreement that I provide to you after you fill out my puppy application.

6.  Do you have retired dogs?  "Yes, I love my dogs and will not sell them off just because they are no longer able to breed"

7.  Do you breed anything other than Boykins?  "No, breeders that do that are just breeding for money, they can sell more puppies per year if they have multiple breeds"

8.  Are you a State Licensed Breeder?  "Yes, I am, when I took my apprenticeship Ronnie Smith taught me to keep my place as if a buyer, training client or an inspector might show up at any minute"

9.  Do you have a history of your dogs temperaments?  "Yes, Established 5 Generations of Excellent Temperament Proven Hunting Dogs and Proven Family Dogs as listed on each of my dogs webpages, Guaranteed Health, of your pup."