Below is a picture of Leda x Finney's 2017 Liter

Leda is a hard charging fun to be with Girl that instinctively knows what to do.  She wowed the judges with her water entry, pictures below.   She is well known in the Boykin community as Supergirlkin, protecting Boykins everywhere

I believe you will find that I have produced a great pup/dog for you. I have spent the last many years of my life to create the finest Boykin pups currently available, including doing an apprenticeship under a world class dog trainer, when I was 55 years old, doing the work of men usually in their 20s, to produce your pup.  During my life I have been a Marine Sergeant at 19 years old, a C.P.A./Founder of my Firm and now a Boykin Trainer/Breeder, I bring attention to detail in my pups that has served me well throughout my life.

This is a brag of the great DNA I have put together and trained
I have summarized the highlights here.
As listed on the U.K.C./H.R.C. Website:

Leda's Grandfather is number one in number of titles produced by Pups in the H.R.C.
From: H.R.C. Top Producing Boykin Spaniels
1. HR UH Ceasarcreek Crown Charlie DNA-P
Placement last year: 1
# Pups (registered with the U.K.C.): 91
Titles Earned: SHR 11, HR 9, HRCH 6, UH 13
# of Titles:(pups/dogs have earned) 39 

Her Grandmother has been number 3-4 in number of hunting titled pups produced in the H.R.C.
From: H.R.C. Top Producing Boykin Spaniels
4. HR UH J&L's Lucky Nellie Mae
Placement last year: 3
# Pups (registered with the U.K.C.: 40
Titles Earned: SHR 5, HR 4, HRCH 1, UH 3
# Titles: 13

Leda's Father is My famous HR J&Ls Johnyy CGC, you can see videos of him in my advanced training videos and his webpage under retired dogs.

Also be sure to click on the Father's (Finney) online pedigree and see the great dogs and titles in his bloodline, including his Father the only five time Grand Hunting Retriever Champion(GRHRCH) and his Grandfather is also a GRHRCH and just a bit farther back the first GRHRCH, the "Mule".  But be sure to look at what these great parents are and have done which is much more important the lines (most breeders brag about their dog's bloodline, which only consists of a few good breeders names here and there, I feel it is more important to look at what the Parents, Grandparents and Great Grandparents are, have done and their titles earned).

She told me was was going out to fight crime, but I just received a report of a LBB (Little Brown Blur) buzzing the heads of my neighbors Labradors!

My Leda walks on water for me, notice the shadow, it is not photo shopped!

Leda and I having fun, notice how her paws are never jumping on me, that is because I train all of my kids not to jump on people.  This jumping is affectionately called the "Boykin Bounce"

In flight,

As you look at Leda's information here also look at her Father's,  Johnyy's,  page under retired dogs, Her Mother Twinkle, Above, and Her Brother, Max, above, this will give you an idea of what a great family of great dogs they are!

Below are pictures of Leda x Finney's 2018 Litter, the pups are three weeks old on the week of June 24/2018.  They will be assigned homes when they are seven weeks old.

Leda's Father, HR J&Ls Johnyy and Myself

8 days old                                                                                                             9 days old

Take off!

One of Leda's pups from 2018.  Her Grandfather's ribbons are on the left and her mother's and Father's ribbons are on the right.  Videos of her training/socialization are in the blue button, below.

Leda says "When you need a job done right, call me"

14 days old                                                                                                      17 days old

Leda has all seven health clearances recommended for Boykins

Houston, we have Splashdown

SHR John's Leda, Nine months old.

I want to point out that Leda's Ribbons are at the bottom right, Finney's are middle lower, Max (Leda's Brother) are to the above, Jazzy's are above Leda's and Johnyy's are to the far left.  Leda x Finney pups have great relatives owned, amateur trained and handled by myself.

*This is the only picture I have duplicated on my website.