Sockett at 11 months old, all were blind retrieves and they were done by 9am

This is Gauge another dog I bred that earned his Started Hunting Retriever Title, about one year of age.

Pup telling Daddy a secret, the secret is I love you Daddy!

Ivan in Wisconsin

Leda and I, nine months old

Max, 1.5 years old

Pup with Daddy

Sockett, nine months old

Pups are raised in my Master Bedroom, next to my home office, where I can tend to them regularly, keep them very clean and well taken care of.

Sockett in Kentucky

I occasionally have puppies for sale, my Boykin pups are some of the highest quality available in the country.  I am probably one of the top 10 breeders in the U.S.A. in terms of Titles placed on the parents, Health Clearances on the parents and Bloodlines, pups are whelped in my Master bedroom which is next to my home office so I can tend to them regularly.  My breeding dogs are trained to very high obedience standards, according to studies done in recent years these traits are passed down in just three generations.  I have excellent bloodlines going back over seven generations.  My dogs bloodlines come from the Highest quality breeders like J&L Boykins, KJ Just, Just Ducky, Mossey Oak, Hunters rest, Rock n Creek and from the Hinchman's I have My Merlin out of Brandywine's Superstar and my Finney out of Brandywine's Pelham.  I am one of the farthest north and west breeders of Boykin Spaniels.  I am in the Southern Illinois, Western Kentucky and SouthEast Missouri area.

Frankie, six months old