Below are some pictures of Jazzy's past litters

Jazzy on Sunday telling me she wants to earn another ribbon on Monday!

Ivan in Wisconsin

Here are some pictures of Jazzy's Offspring from her first litter when she was three years old, She is now 4.5 years old.

After I tell her there are no more hunt tests until Saturday!

Where is my Mommy? I want to tell her a secret (The secret is "I Love You Mommy!")

And of course a movie needs popcorn!  

Here is what was written about us:  A special thank you to fellow HRC and Retrievers Unlimited member John for coming to our Delta Waterfowl Youth Hunt and giving an outstanding presentation and retriever demo with his lovely Boykins.  Youngsters and adults alike very much enjoyed his time with us, and learned not only what a great conservation tool a well trained retriever can be, but also about HRC. By using three dogs at different age and training levels the young folks learned about the progression not only through the HRC testing process, but also the time and dedication involved in produce a great duck dog. Thank you John! Our Delta Waterfowl chapter appreciates you! ( and those delightful little bon bon dogs wink emoticon )

I am just touching up her nail polish and yes, she did run the hunt test with bows in her hair,  pink nail polish and a pink lead.

With her treats after her title

Jazzy and I just settling for a good movie  

Jazzy's pup "Purple" showing off her beautiful blue eyes they have until they start to change to beautiful golden at about seven to eight weeks of age.

Just a little lovin

Jazzy is retired and is living the life she was bred for, running the fields here and watching TV with Me.

Her and I (left, in picture) after teaching Delta Waterfowl kids about how dogs help in conservation.

Cooper in Kentucky