Ivan in Wisconsin

Sockett the proverbial home and hunting dog.

Twinkle has given birth to all of these dynamite dogs below!

The world famous "Sockett", bred and trained by me.  These were all blind retrieves when he was one year old.

Twinkle is retired and is living the life she was bred for, running the fields here and watching TV with Me.

Twinkle and I just settling in for a good movie.

Twinkle (Grandmother), Daughter (Leda, Supergirlkin, see her webpage here) and daughter.  Most breeders only have the mother and maybe the father on premises, here I have many generations!  

            Beautiful Twinkle!

Sockett at two years old.

My SHR Leda, she has her own webpage here

 While in Metropolis Illinois Twink ducked into that phonebooth and came out as Superwoman!

Just a little lovin