My Girls

* Limited to the 7 health tests I have done on the parents, refund will be up to the amount to treat an affected pup or the pup price, whichever is less, if buyer returns pup.  If buyer keeps pup refund will be limited to 50% of purchase price.   

All of my dogs have all seven health clearances for Boykins and all are great, clear or Normal, I have no carrier or affected dogs here.

Anybody can breed a pet Boykin, I breed quality home and hunting Boykins

Four generations of my dogs here on site!

Home of the 29 pound retrieving machines!

 Amateur trained, titled, bred and owned by myself

Great Dogs Don't just Happen

John's Boykins are in the Upper and Lower Midwest, Seattle, California, SLC, Boseman, Phoenix, FL, SC, NC, RI, DC and more!

These are my actual breeding Boykins as of 2023, unlike many other breeders that merely show pictures of past dogs.  Twinkle and Jazzy are now retired, being 10 years old.  Twinkle had only one litter and Jazzy just 18 pups, due to how lightly I breed my Gurlkins.

All of my pups come with a Vet. exam by your Vet. of your pup being Healthy, guaranteed.  I am so convinced of the quality of my parents and pups that all of my pups come with a 26 month health guarantee/refund of your purchase price for health problems *

                       My Boys

These are the Performance ribbons my Dogs and I have earned, Leda's are top left, Finney below, Max to the right of that, Jazzy above and Johnyy to the left.  All amateur trained, handled and owned by myself!  Look for any breeder you may pick to have earned Performance ribbons on their dogs, they know the dogs and how to help you train your dog/pup.

Website is no longer updated as of 2023

Here is what makes myself different from other breeders: 1) I am a retired Certified Public Accountant and a Marine Corps Veteran Sergeant, this background of precision and hard work shows in the quality of my pups. 2)  I am breeding towards betterment of Boykins. 

 My pups are sold from my wait list, contact me to get on my wait list.  I will have one litter in 2023.

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This web page is written by me in HTML and every word was written by me for you to read.  

The companionship of a dog is unlike any other. A dog's love is unconditional, and training a dog to become a part of the family   (I consider a family to be at least one human and one canine) is the most important thing one can focus on.  I believe the foundations of a dogs training strengthen the bonds of a happy home and a happy hunt.  Dogs are always willing to please you, and if properly educated, Dogs will always keep you in awe and in love with the great outdoors.   I invite you to take advantage of my free unlimited lifetime training help you create yet another Great Boykin, a John's Boykin!

Jazzy and I (left, in picture) after teaching Delta Waterfowl kids about how dogs help in conservation.

Here is what was written about us:  A special thank you to fellow HRC and Retrievers Unlimited member John for coming to our Delta Waterfowl Youth Hunt and giving an outstanding presentation and retriever demo with his lovely Boykins.  Youngsters and adults alike very much enjoyed his time with us, and learned not only what a great conservation tool a well trained retriever can be, but also about HRC. By using three dogs at different age and training levels the young folks learned about the progression not only through the HRC testing process, but also the time and dedication involved in produce a great duck dog. Thank you John! Our Delta Waterfowl chapter appreciates you! ( and those delightful little bon bon dogs wink emoticon )

The knowledge I share is not simply what I read or saw in others books/videos.  I share my keen insight with you from my apprenticeship under the world class trainer Ronnie Smith and others, part of a 20 year quest to learn all I could about dog behaviour.   I teach you to to train the way dogs live in a pack, it is a faster, easier, simpler and a better method of training than giving your pup/dog treats over and over.  When a dog works for treats the dog is working for a treat when a dog works for your love and attention it is working for YOU!  See this in action in my free videos I posted at the top left of this page.

        Boykins That perform in the field and sleep at your feet, Home and Hunting

   All Parents have the seven health

clearances recommended for Boykins. 

        I sell performance/working/

           hunting/obedient pups.

Paw Print Pedigrees Breeder

I am a hobby breeder of Boykin Spaniels, committed to improving the breed and producing dogs with excellent temperaments and sound health.   First and foremost, I breed for disposition, health and soundness. However, I train my dogs to a very high level.

John's Just a Twinkle in my Eye "Twink", Mother to Leda, Grandmother to Helen.  Pictured Ungroomed as all of my dogs are.

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HR J&L's Johnyy CGC, I named him after me and gave him a unique name, so he could feel unique about himself! He is the Sire of my Leda, Bertha, Max and Niner, Grandsire to my Helen and Astra.  Click on "retired dogs" near the top left of this page to see more pictures of him. 

I include lifetime training at my place with you in attendance for free with every pup I sell, also lifetime free training advice by phone or email.  Top pedigrees, titles and live in my home.  Southern Illinois West Kentucky areas, I am about two hours from St. Louis, Memphis, Nashville and Evansville. I am a very small scale breeder and plan to raise a few litters per year for the next seven years when I will be fully retired. I work from home and am here 24/7/365 to take care of the parents and pups. I am well known in the Boykin Community, Midwest Hunting Retriever Club and am one of the founding and past members of the Board of Directors of the Midwest Boykin Spaniel Retriever Club.  I am a member of the H.R.C. and The Boykin Spaniel Club.   I encourage you to visit my home after you place a deposit and to come many times before and after you pick up your pup.  Visits to my home require an appointment time and date.

Hi my name is John and I have been training dogs and have bred litters since 1987.  I have driven almost up to Canada, to the Atlantic Ocean and to Southern Georgia to pick up the Boykins who have shared my life with me.  So if you are considering a long drive to get a puppy from me, you would be doing the same thing I have done.  I am one of only a few breeders in the Midwest so I get a lot of interest all the way out to Washington State.  I have included a lot of information about my dogs and myself here.  All of my breeding dogs have seven health clearances which are hips, eyes, EIC, DM, CEA, heart and Knees.  All pups will come with a microchip.  I do not ship puppies by air, you are welcome to fly in and out or fly in and drive a rented car back home.  My prices are average or a tad less for quality Boykin pups with the seven health clearances recommended for Boykins.