Max has all seven health clearances recommended for Boykins.

This is a brag of the great DNA I have put together and trained
 I have summarized the highlights here.
As listed on the U.K.C./H.R.C. Website (The U.K.C. Is a Performance dog Organization, Specializing in dogs of all breeds Performing in Obedience, Agility and Hunting) (They also have conformation events similar to the A.K.C. (A.K.A. “Dog Shows”, though the emphasis of the Club is on performance of what the breed was bred for)). I firmly believe your pup will excel at anything you train pup to do.
Max's Grandfather is number one in number of titles produced by Pups in the H.R.C.
From: H.R.C. Top Producing Boykin Spaniels
1. HR UH Ceasarcreek Crown Charlie DNA-P
Placement last year: 1
(Adamson’s Kodiak Bandit x Ceasarscreeks Stormin Hanna)
# Pups (registered with the U.K.C.): 91
Titles Earned: SHR 11, HR 9, HRCH 6, UH 13
# of Titles:(pups/dogs have earned) 39
The Grandfather is my HR Johnyy C.G.C. as seen on my website

Max's Grandmother has been number 3-4 in number of produced titles by the H.R.C.
From: H.R.C. Top Producing Boykin Spaniels
4. HR UH J&L's Lucky Nellie Mae
Placement last year: 3
# Pups (registered with the U.K.C.: 40
Titles Earned: SHR 5, HR 4, HRCH 1, UH 3
# Titles: 13
Max's sister is my S.H.R. Leda, with her webpage on my website.

Max's Mother, Gulry, can be seen in my puppy videos on my home page.
Max's Father is the famous HR J&Ls Johnyy CGC, you can see videos of him in my advanced training videos and his webpage under retired dogs.

SHR John's Secret Agent 86, Maxwell Smart, "Max"

He is John's Secret Agent 86, Maxwell Smart "Max" a great retriever that is fun to be with.

His pedigree includes J&L's Charlie, his Grandfather, the current all time top producing in HRC titles of all Boykins, The "Mule" the first Boykin to become a Grand Hunting Retriever Champion (GRHRCH) and HRCH UH King's Curlee Gurlee OCH97, 99, 02